Expression of Interest – Engagement Model Training

  • Dates TBC
    05/10/2020 - 30/10/2020
    4:00 pm - 6:00 pm

Expression of Interest – Engagement Model Training


The Engagement Model replaces P scales 1—4 and will become a statutory requirement  from  the 2020/20121 academic year. It assesses pupils who are working at below the standard of the National Curriculum and are not engaged in subject specific study at Key Stage 1 and 2.

This Department  for Education approved training aims to develop an understanding of the Engagement Model; pedagogy and practice; the use of observations and supports the development of a quality curriculum.


Session 1

  • To understand the Engagement Model
  • To explore what is meant by the term Engagement
  • To understand who the Engagement Model is for
  • To begin to explore how the Engagement Model links to the four areas of need ( EHCP)
  • To discuss the power of observation

Session 2

  • To overcome barriers for individual pupils
  • To make links between the Engagement Model and the curriculum
  • To develop confidence in using the Engagement Model to inform teaching and learning

Session 3

  • To understand how information gathered from the Engagement Model feeds into next steps and informs progress
  • To explore ways of reporting progress to a variety of audiences
  • To feel confident in using the Engagement Model
  • To feel confident in dissemination information to a wider audience



The training spans 3, 2 hour twilight  sessions.

Each session will involve a gap task to support schools in the implementation of the Engagement Model.

Autumn term 2020—dates to be confirmed



Free to all delegates



Celina Cox  TLR at Mill Ford Special School (SLE)