About Our Teaching School

Welcome to the Plymouth Teaching School Alliance’s website. We hope this provides you with the information you need about our organisation. We feel it is important that we communicate who we are and what we do. What follows is a summary of the PTSA’s core objectives, current activities and ethos that sets us apart from other sources of school improvement and CPD.

The Plymouth Teaching School Alliance’s Core Objectives:

• To ensure all our children have every opportunity to receive the very best educational experience possible in a culture of aspiration, pride, independence, and expertise.

• To support the central role Plymouth schools have in their communities.

• To facilitate collaboration across schools and MATs within the city, regionally and nationally.

• To facilitate access to exceptional practitioners, leaders and academics.

• To provide professional development at all stages of a career from ITE trainees to CEOs.

• To ensure expertise is developed in response to citywide and national needs, using evidence to inform a collaborative response.

• To coordinate collaborative projects drawing together academic expertise, practitioner experience and ‘craft knowledge’ to drive a cultural shift in CPD.

• To work alongside our Plymouth Local Authority partners to ensure high-impact, sustainable school improvement.

• To recruit and train and retain the very best of the next generation of educational professionals.

How can the PTSA help you?

Meet The PTSA Team


Ruth Woodhouse

Director of PTSA

Donna Briggs

Deputy Director of PTSA

Jen Eastwood

Senior Administrator and ITE lead

Ria Croot

PTSA Administrator

Kim Dorian-Kemp NLE

Head teacher of High View Primary; PTSA lead school

Simon Spry NLE

CEO Learning Academies Trust; PTSA lead school

Our Vision & Values

The Plymouth Teaching School Alliance (PTSA) is an inclusive teaching school serving the schools of Plymouth and the region. The PTSA benefits from a mature ‘blended’ model of delivery alongside Plymouth Local Authority and Plymouth Learning Partnership Community Interest Company (PLPCIC). The two lead schools are High View Primary, and Prince Rock (Learning Academies Trust).

The PTSA is committed to serving the needs of the city’s schools, and delivering in all the ‘Big 6’: school improvement (S2S), CPD, ITE, Leadership development, Lead educators and Research. We have a reputation of excellence; we deliver sustainable, high-impact school improvement, innovative, evidence-informed CPD, and we are committed to developing professional skills from ITE to CEO.

In addition to our inclusive values, we also seek to promote collaboration and evidence-informed practice. These values underpin our work. Evidence of this can be seen in the 50 schools that contribute to our teaching school alliance, our unique approach to CPD, and the wide-variety of collaborative partnerships and programmes that we offer.

We benefit from working alongside our partners in the Plymouth Local Authority, University of St Mark and St John and Plymouth University. We also collaborate with our regional teaching school neighbours and access expertise at a national level.

We believe in a practitioner-led and school-led system and help facilitate this at all levels. We also strive to have training and support available to all educational professionals regardless of where they are in their career, from trainee teachers to CEOs.

Ruth Woodhouse

Director of Plymouth Teaching School