School Direct

PTSA School Direct is the entry point to Plymouth Primary and Secondary Schools, offering a one year school-based programme where trainees are part of a school team from day one.  School Direct trainees benefit from a full 40-week schedule. Complementing their time learning the job in school trainees receive HEI lecturers, and a contrasting second school Key Stage experience. SLE Learning Hubs have been developed across the city schools to support subject and pedagogy specialisms. 

Shared training across the Alliance gives complete and contrasting experiences. Trainee teachers who successfully complete all modules are awarded a P.G.C.E. Post Graduate Certificate of Education (including up to 60 Masters credits) with Qualified Teacher Status. School Direct is designed to give experienced professionals and higher class degree students an alternative pathway to a career as a teacher, whilst enabling schools to develop exactly the teachers they need.


*Tuition fees will be £9250 for PTSA School Direct 2019-20

The PTSA School Direct model brings together all the necessary elements required for excellence in Initial Teacher Education and Training.

Our combination of expert school based practitioners and University (HEI) partner brings teacher education pedagogy and up to date research within a school based setting. We nurture our talent and provide the essential classroom experiences that allow trainees to put theory into practice as they develop into an outstanding practitioner.

UCAS is open for Teacher Training 2019-20 applications.  PTSA will be offering Primary and Secondary School Direct courses.
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School Direct Entry Requirements:


  • All applicants: Minimum 2:2 Undergraduate Qualification
  • Secondary applicants: Maths and English GCSE Grade A-C
  • Primary applicants: Maths, English and Science GCSE Grade A-C

We are looking for people who:

  • Excellent communication and organisational skills.
  • Commitment to working hard.
  • Ability to establish good working relationships.
  • Confidence and ability to engage with children.
  • Commitment to a professional team.
  • Commitment to excellence in education.
  • Flexibility.

We can offer you:


If you are a graduate or currently working as a Teaching Assistant and meet the eligibility criteria, School Direct (non-salaried) courses are available exclusively for you.


School Direct courses generally last a year, and you will train in at least two schools.
School Direct was the only route I wanted to take into education, because it offered the mix of full-time, in-school experience and weekly lecturing from current professionals that I felt was so unique about the course. I enjoyed my time on the course and would recommend it to anyone looking to get into teaching.

PTSA School Direct Trainee

Have you ever mentored a School Direct trainee? It’s a rewarding experience.

Spending time explaining your practice, ethos and methodology to a trainee enables you to understand your own practice more deeply, you gain an extra professional in your classroom which can positively impact on the progress and wellbeing of your children.

CPD developing your own coaching and mentoring skills and in my case developing more understanding and empathy, seeing the trainees grow into good and outstanding teachers and knowing that you have been a crucial part of the process, your legacy to education.

PTSA School Direct Mentor and Assistant Headteacher

For Further Information on our School Direct Programme

To find out more information on our School Direct Programme please contact PTSA via email or by telephone on 01752 785891.

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